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Scrapes & Bumps

Scratches, Scuffs & Touch Up’s

It is so easy and affordable to repair minor scratches and scuffs, you will be delighted. In most cases a good buff and polish will take care of scratches and scuffs. Light scratches and scuffs are often contained within the clear top coat on your car. These minor scratches can usually be buffed out to…
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Sun Damaged Paint Restoration

Sun damaged paint can usually be restored to a high gloss by applying a cut and a buff followed by a heavy wax. This process can in most cases bring your paint back to within 99% of its original condition. Ultra-violet rays from the sun are what cause paint to fade so to prevent this…
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Hail Damage Repair

Hail damage is unfortunate and sometimes severe but the good news is, hail damage is completely repairable and can usually be repaired via our paint-less dent removal (PDR) specialist. Even badly damaged hail damage can be repaired to be undetectable. If your vehicle has un-repaired hail damage, bring it down to us here at Damage…
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Free Damage assessment & Cost Estimate

Whether your vehicle has been damaged in an accident or smaller marks and scrapes are starting to add up, call into Damage Smash Repairs before you contact the insurance company or start looking in the new car lots and let us save you time and money. Damage Smash Repairs will carry out a free inspection…
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