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Body Maintenance & Car Detailing

Preparation For Sale

Today’s used car market is more competitive than ever before. Damage Smash Repairs can help you to achieve maximum returns on the sale of your vehicle with our vehicle sale preparation service. Our sale preparation service is not about trying to make your vehicle look brand new again rather helping your vehicle look it’s best…
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Valet Service

Damage Smash Repairs offer an optional valet service to give your vehicle a fresh start when it is returned to you following damage or smash repair. Our general valet service includes hand washing of the vehicle exterior, tyre shine, windows clean and vacuum. Our premium service adds a buff and polish with the further option…
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Paint Protection & Restoration

Glossy vehicle paint looks great and can save you money when it comes time for resale. If you are planning on keeping your vehicle for more than 3 years and want the paint work to still look great, Damage Smash Repairs recommend sealing your paint against contaminants and environmental exposure. The paint protector / sealant…
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Professional Electronic Rust Proofing

Damage Smash Repairs can help you to protect your vehicle from corrosion and rust in all environments. We install electronic rust proofing systems to 4x4 vehicles, passenger vehicles, trucks, buses and machinery. Electronic rust proofing units are available in a range of capacities to allow for vehicle size and level of exposure to rust causing…
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