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Scratches, Scuffs & Touch Up’s

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It is so easy and affordable to repair minor scratches and scuffs, you will be delighted. In most cases a good buff and polish will take care of scratches and scuffs. Light scratches and scuffs are often contained within the clear top coat on your car. These minor scratches can usually be buffed out to restore the shine on your paint work without compromise. If a scratch cuts deeper past the top coat, Damage Smash Repairs are experts at hand brushed touch ups and we can even match your paint using our state of the art matching technology so most repairs are all but invisible. Larger areas of damage can be repaired and blended to be indistinguishable from original paint work.

If your vehicle has un-repaired scratches and scuffs that have been bothering you, don’t hesitate another moment. Call Damage Smash Repairs and book in for a FREE assessment and quote.

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