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Professional Electronic Rust Proofing

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Damage Smash Repairs can help you to protect your vehicle from corrosion and rust in all environments. We install electronic rust proofing systems to 4x4 vehicles, passenger vehicles, trucks, buses and machinery.

Electronic rust proofing units are available in a range of capacities to allow for vehicle size and level of exposure to rust causing environments. For example if you owned a 4x4 that was used for fishing off the beach most weekends, we would advise that you opt for a larger capacity unit as apposed to a sedan that was located in a coastal estate.

Damage Smash Repairs have been installing and monitoring electronic rust proofing systems to vehicles on the Mid North Coast for over a decade. During this time we have found them to be a highly effective and reliable solution against rust.

If you are seeking a proven system for the prevention of corrosion and rust whatever your vehicles environment, contact Damage Smash Repairs for a discussion and quote today.

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