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Minor Scrapes & Bumps

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Minor scrapes & bumps to you vehicles bodywork are generally able to be repaired for less than most customers insurance excess.

If you have an unsightly mark, carpark dent or scrape, call Damage Smash Repairs for a free assessment before you call your insurance company and we can usually save you both time and money. Dealing direct with Damage Smash means no loss of your ‘no claim’ bonus and no increase to your insurance policy’s due to your accident.

If you have already contacted your insurance company to lodge a claim, the insurance company will need to see evidence that the damage to your car has been repaired however if our quote does come in cheaper than your excess, it is still possible to cancel the claim and thus preserve your ‘no accident’ driving status.
Call Damage Smash Repairs today for a quote to restore your damaged panel/s to showroom condition or provide you with even more cost effective options such as discrete touch ups congruent to your vehicles overall condition and age.

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